My New OSKAR M Barbecook “Born From Steel, Raised by Men”

I saw an Ad Wednesday from Vuur en Rook online promoting what looked to be a Weber Smokey Mountain. It really caught my eye because of the price. I sent them an email asking if the product they were selling was one pictured in the ad. They replied that indeed it was one and the same. I couldn’t resist ordering it, i received it this morning.


I opened the box, and much to my surprise, it came with a host of goodies too! A bag of briquettes, a pair of tongs, a packet of starters, a grill brush (which i never use) and some wood chips too! And of course my new little freind Oskar M.


The packaging was neat and orderly and everything arrived unscathed.


The assembly went along nicely, everything is bolted together even the vents needed to be fastened, which i found to be a nice touch. Normally other manufacturers rivet the pin wheels in place and after some use they don’t seem to close tightly. These can be adjusted, which is nice.


It has two features that i really like. 1.) The door is a class act. It is the same gauge steel as the body of the cooker and the polished aluminium is a nice touch. The door fits extremely well. 2.) It came complete with a hanging rack for ribs, sausages, or fish.

The completed project. Overall I think it is a great low cost smoker. It is 47 CM and comparable to the WSM 18″ model. The total cost from Vuur & Rook including shipping was € 197,20 a bargain for sure.



Now to see how Oskar M cooks.

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