Announcement: Beer, Fries, & BBQ IV Low and Slow BBQ Competition 14 May, 2017

I am pleased to announce that Oncle Jed’s Texas Style BBQ has been invited to team up with  Mr. Chuck Piercy from Apex, North Carolina, USA for the fourth annual Beer, Fries, & BBQ in Hasselt, Belgium.

Chuck is also a supporter of Operation BBQ Relief and pictured here with Mr. Rub Bagby of the legendary “Swamp Boy’s BBQ” from my home state of Florida.

Chuck received this prize at the KCBS Annual Banquet held in January in Atlanta, Georgia. The organizers of the event, held in Hasselt, Belgium are the fantastic european team De Filous, No Nonsense BBQ.


Meet the Organizers Wim Bloemen (r) and Dimitri Zetzsche CHEERS!




Dimitri and Wim of De Filous BBQ Team are wonderful organizers and create a very special atmosphere. “The contest area is a large circle of 800m2. Teams are placed on the outer bound and also in the center of the circle. We like to compare it large round table where everyone is equal. Nobody is left behind in a corner. Everyone gets the same attention they deserve at our contest. In the middle we have a bar where everyone sits in the evening to fraternize with eachother. The 885 light bulbs which cover the whole contest area provide a great atmosphere in the evening for everyone. ”


I am very excited to be attending and cooking at this event. It has a special meaning to me as this is the very first KCBS Contest I attended in Europe. It is where I earned my CBJ judging credentials in 2013. I have never had the honor of cooking here and I am very thankful to Chuck Piercy for inviting me to collaborate with him on the team! Here is Byron Chism of addressing the CBJ class in 2013. See you soon Byron.



History is being made here in France as the art of low and slow cooking American Style is rapidly increasing in popularity. We now have a new KCBS Cook Team entering the scene. Join me in welcoming BBQ CIE the number 2 team in France. Best wishes to you in your upcoming contest at BardoQ in Italy.



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