Cook-in Camargue Season II

Winter is in full swing and the 2017 KCBS season is about to unfold at W.E.S.T.Winter Extreme South Tyrol BBQ Contest next weekend. 15/1/2017 Being a native Floridian, I will not personally be onsite. I prefer to watch the action from the comfort of my heated living room. Best of luck to everyone competing and warm wishes to the Judges, Organizers, Volunteers, and KCBS Officials. Keep those Facebook posts coming!

Currently there are 18 scheduled competitions on the KCBS Internation roster in Europe. Exciting times indeed for the BBQ enthusiast in all of us that partake in Food Sport.

This year the Cook-in Camargue Season II will be held again in conjunction with the Championnat de France de Barbecue – Camargue BBQ Festival June 24th & 25th. At the Place des Gitans 13460 Saintes Marie de la Mer. A fabulous location in the South of France located directly on the mediterranean sea. The bustling village has numerous restaurants and a lively nightlife.

We are in the process of negotiating favorable room rates at the Hotel Salicorne, stay tuned for more details.

Cook-in Camargue Season II is once again a Automatic Qualifier to The World Food Championships being held in Orange Beach, Alabama. Last years WFC saw several teams competing from Europe. It is an excellent adventure in another Beachside location.

We have added a new ancillary category. With diversity of the Contries we have competing at the Cook-in Camargue Season II, 2017 I thought it would be fun to add a simple category that everyone loves. The rules and scoring detaile by KCBS are clearly stated below


  •   Scoring: The standard KCBS weighted scoring system will be used for Appearance, Taste and Tenderness/Texture:Appearance: .5600 (14.00% of total score)
    Taste: 2.2972 (57.43% of total score) Tenderness/Texture: 1.1428 (28.57% of total score)
  •   Sausage is defined as any chopped, seasoned meat. Sausage may be cooked using alternative heat sources
  •   Sausage must bea/ 2.27 kilo, bulk, or links.
  •   The sausage sample can be a stew, gumbo, fried, barbecued, smoked, etc. provided it can serve 6 Judges.
  •   Meat can be removed from its casing if so desired for use in preparation.
  •   Containers will be distributed at the mandatory Cook’s Meeting (TBD).
  •   Entries must be presented to judges in these containers.
  •   Garnish is open and optional.
  •   All entries must be cooked on-site


We hope to see you in June! We have just 6 more spots open for this years event.

Registration for Teams is here

Judges can also register here.




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