Vive la France. New KCBS Style Contest Announcement. Cook-in Camargue



I am thrilled to announce the first KCBS Style BBQ competition ever to be held in France. As many of you are aware, I attended the fabulous Camargue BBQ Festival in June this year. I was most graciously invited to come and show-off my American style of low and slow barbecue techniques.



The Camargue BBQ Festival is held annualy in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the Capital of the Camargue. This festive village is about as Texas styled as you will find in France. There is a western feel to everything from the rugged terrain to the Camargue cattle breed, in Provençal: Raço di bioù, is a cattle native to the Camargue marshlands of the river delta of the Rhône in southern France. The cattle are black in color with upward sweeping horns. They are hardy animals thriving on the marshes where they live semi-wild, tended by the mounted herders called gardians who ride the famous Camargue horses which live in the same area.





The KCBS Style Competition “Cook-in-Camargue” will held in conjunction with the “Camargue BBQ Festival”.  Teams that choose to compete in the KCBS Style portion of the contest will be placed on the field in 5m x 5m areas and commingled with the other Camargue BBQ Festival contestants.

The Camargue BBQ Festival organizers provide Weber Mastertouch Grills and tables to each team competing in the Champion of France grilling contest. Contestants have a total of 8  categories to choose from and may only select a maximum of 3 overall dishes to prepare. The choices are Pork, Beef, Lamb, Bull Meat, Chicken, Vegetables, Fish, and the almighty Burger!



Their judging takes place in the contestants individual cook area, unlike our KCBS judging being conducted blindly. They are scored for plating as well as creativity, taste and also on the individuals set-up (mis-en-place)



I can tell you that what I saw was a very skilled group of cooks that produced some excellent entries, and if you are interested in competing in the Grilling portion of the festival you are more than welcome to.


The KCBS Style Cook-in Camargue competition will be comprised of the standard 4 meat categories, Chicken, Pork, Pork Ribs and Brisket. There will be an additional ancillary category “Anything Weber” You may choose to cook anything you desire, the only requirement is that it must be cooked on a Weber Brand cooker. If you don’t own one, we will proved one for your use. Additionally the judging will be conducted in your cook area by the Official Jury from the Camargue BBQ Festival. Plating, style and flair are taken into consideration too! Lets show them what we got!


I will be posting a registration site soon for Judges and Cook Teams. We are also planning a Certified BBQ Judging Class in addition to the contest, please help spread the word.


So long for now!




  1. Hi,

    I’m looking to registre my team for thé New contest but I didn’t see any place tilo get it. Team registration is alredy possible?

    Many thanks
    Arnaud Welti

    1. Charredapron

      Hello Arnaud, The registration will go live on Monday, 5-10-2015 Thank you for your interest!

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