The French BBQ Association’s Cook Team, “Sultans of Sting” Represents KCBS in The Camargue 27th and 28th 0f June, 2015



The French BBQ Association’s cook team the “Sultans of Sting” was proud to represent The Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) at the 3rd annual Camargue BBQ Festival held in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France last weekend.


The event brought together 100% of the best of France’s grill warriors as well as the friendliest, most inventive, and of course the most fun, participants our Country has to offer. The agenda was comprised of two days of competitions, vendor’s stalls, exhibitions, activities and demonstrations to learn how to bake, braise, roast and perfect the art of barbecuing. Contestants were furnished with the very best that WEBER GRILLS had to offer as far as grilling utensils required to compete in this fast paced and challenging contest. ALAZARD & ROUX provided the meats to the contestants in the Beef, Pork, Lamb categories by staging a refrigerated truck onsite for the two day event. The event drew a crowd of spectators that exceeded 10,000 people over the hot, hot, hot weekend.









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The event pitted the best of the best of the Serial Grillers and was also the premiere match and the culmenation of the Adventurers of the Grill a Weber Produced Web Series.


The Sultans of Sting proudly displayed the custom built, reverse flow smoker, built by Shirley Fabrication of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The all too familiar question “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” ( What is This?) was heard often as attendees were introduced to the American Art of Low & Slow Barbecue. We handed out samples of Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs, Beef Dino Ribs, Texas Hot Links, and Home Cured and Smoked Hams. There were a lot of KCBS bumper stickers and grilling tip brochures distributed as well. Many Thanks to the International Outreach Team for their assistance in providing us with the needed support materials in a timely manner.










All in all a great time was had by all and it was great to meet some of friends from social media. Congratulations to all the winners and a special shout out to Alexandre & Nico also known as the “King Of The Grill” for their excellent performance!



It was a pleasure to meet Juan Arbelaez a mutual friend of my teammate at the upcoming World Food Championships,  Thomas Mato Abramowicz




Can’t wait for next year!

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