Team Beast is Roaring and Ready for The World Food Championships, Kissimmee, Florida 2015



Team Beast to Compete At The World Food Championships 2015 in Kissimmee, Florida

Paris, France 6-3-2015 – Thomas Abramowicz, Owner/Operator at The Beast Smokehouse, Paris France and Jed Thompson, Chef de Cuisine at Charredapron, Ventenac en Minervois, France, have joined forces to form the culinary cook team, “Team Beast”. They are proud to announce that their team will compete at this years “World Food Championships” opening November 3rd, 2015 in Kissimmee, Florida. For more information visit their website

About Thomas Abramowicz

Thomas, originally from Paris, left the “City of Lights” for the bright lights of New York City’s “Big Apple” to advance his marketing career. It was there that his appetite for authentic American style barbecue was fueled. New York had awoken the beast inside him and soon thereafter he left the glitz and glamour in New York for the sweet smell of barbecue cooked low and slow over a natural hardwood fire. His quest for knowledge, of all things barbecue, led him to Texas the Mecca of beef brisket. Texas brisket is cooked according to traditions that have survived through generations of stewardship. He worked under the tutelage of the great pitmaster Wayne Mueller of Taylor Texas and conferred with other notable barbecue legends to perfect his craft. Soon thereafter, he returned to Paris with the knowledge and determination to share his passion for MEAT, cooked over a hardwood FIRE, for just the right amount of TIME, in his custom made stick burner aptly named “The BEAST”

About Jed Thompson

Jed, a native of South Florida, USA grew up, as a “cook for hire” at numerous restaurants and eventually studied under Master Chef, Hugh McCauley, a culinary graduate of Sorbonne in Paris. He later went on to become bar manager of Fort Lauderdale’s renowned steak house, The Ambry. He is an avid BBQ pitmaster and Certified KCBS Judge In the winter of 2013 he and his wife moved to Ventenac en Minervois, in the south of France, to retire. He has since formed The French Barbecue Association and will represent France at the upcoming, KCBS sanctioned, Tony Stone Low & Slow Competition at Hoofddoorp in the Netherlands this May with his cook team “Sultans of Sting”

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