Welcome to the new home of the French BBQ Association. Here you will find the latest events related to upcoming KCBS sanctioned events in France and our surrounding countries. Perhaps you would rather just sharpen your skills at backyard grilling and chilling, we can help you there too!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or relatively new to the American style of “Low and Slow” cooking,  we welcome you and invite you to come on in, pull up a chair, and sit a spell. We all have a lot to share based on our personal experiences, strengths, and most importantly our failures.

Are you interested in taking a KCBS Sanctioned Cooking Class?

Would you like to attend a Certified Barbecue Judging Class and receive your CBJ accreditation enabling you to judge at a competition in the future? (did I mention all the great food you get to eat?)

Leave us a comment in the comment section and we will forward the appropriate information as per your request!

Thank you and Merci Beaucoup





    1. Charredapron

      Working fine, Thanks for visiting.

  1. Kate

    Hiya. Have you decided to run classes now??!!
    That sounds interesting. Do let me know what it’s all about if you have time. x

    1. Charredapron

      Hi Kate, Yes, I am going to hold a class around Halloween on the Canal du Midi. “Boo & Que” BBQ and Booze bonanza

      1. Kate

        Wow that sounds great Jed. Well done to you for working so hard what with the house etc. Wish I had your energy!

        1. Charredapron

          The key is medication Kate. Only Kidding, but the red wine is helpful. Living in a vineyard has its advantages! LOL. Cheers and say hey to Martyn for me!

  2. I’m sure there will be some interest in a comp in the south of France!

    1. Charredapron

      Full blown comp won’t be until 2016. Everything in good time. There is much work to be done here to raise awareness and develop local interest. There may be one this fall near Paris, I will keep you posted Hugo! Thanks for dropping in, see you at Tony Stone!

  3. Sassy Cat

    should I put Oct Boo b que on my calendar???? Sounds spook-tabular!

    1. Charredapron

      That would be a spooktacular time Sassy

  4. Jed, this is so exciting!! Bravo sou!! I know you’ve worked awfully hard. I have a feeling y’all are going to be reaping the rewards very soon. I don’t know when I can come and take a class but at some point I will and I look forward to it!!! Enjoy it all!!!!!

    1. Charredapron

      Thanks so much Alicia, we will be ready when you are!

  5. Rob

    hi there, please send me information on the French BBQ association , where to we sign up? I am in the Vendee

    1. Charredapron

      Hello and Welcome Rob, I have added a new page that you can register for membership on. I will post periodic new information related to KCBS Barbecue Competitions and newlet registered teams. Stay tuned, I look forward to a very active 2015 season.


      Jed Thompson
      Pitmaster at “Sultans of Sting” Cook Team

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